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Through IFS Markets stock index trading, you can enter one of the world's most liquid equities index trading market and through the oneZero MT4 bridge technology, enter an unprecedented level of liquidity to ensure the lightning fast transaction execution speed. At the same time, IFS Markets' index prices are based on the base price of the futures market.

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Stock market movements and volatility are monitored and reported on 24 hours a day around the world. IFS Markets Index CFD trading allows traders simple, cost effective access to opportunities to benefit from that volatility.

The Index CFDs track the movement of the major share market indices of the world, such as the Dow Jones index, the S&P 500, the ASX200 and others, enabling the trader to take a position based on their overall view of the market rather than investigating individual stocks and building a portfolio. Market information and analysis of the indices is widely available in helping the trader to assess the market conditions and develop Index trading strategies. Index CFDs allow traders to short sell the index to enable profitable trades in a falling market or to use the Index CFD as a hedge against an existing share portfolio in a falling market.

Index CFDs allow traders to maximise their exposure to the share index markets with minimum investment of their own capital by the judicious use of the leverage available through Index CFD trading. Gain access to a wide array of share indices from around the globe simply, quickly and cost effectively. Index CFD trading spreads the risk over the entire selection of 'blue chip' stock that make up the selected index rather than investing in an individual company


Maximise exposure with low capital outlay. *

No additional commissions or fees.

Quick access to trading opportunities from the top exchanges around the world.

Index CFDs can be short sold, opening the possibility of profitable trading in a falling market or to hedge an existing share portfolio.

* Leverage trading involves risks. Please refer to our disclosure documents

Indices Trading Example

1. ASX200 is now trading at 5200/5201
2. You decided to buy 1 contract of ASX200 at 5201
3. 1 hour later AX200 is trading at 5250/5201
4. You decided to close your position at 5250
5. Your profits = 5250-5201 = 49
6. Net profits = 49 AUD
1. ASX200 is now trading at 5200/5201
2. You decided to sell 1 contract of ASX200 at 5200
3. 1 hour later AX200 is trading at 5250/5251
4. You decided to close your position at 5251
5. Your loss = 5200-5251 = -51
6. Net loss = -51 AUD

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