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IFS Markets is pleased to announce its new partnership with Trading Central, bringing you a premium set of trading tools to bring your trading experiences to the next level.

IFS Group

IFS Group headquartered in Sydney, Australia becomes the first online broker to launch Trading Central’s Market Buzz Chinese Edition. The launch brings high-quality professional financial news and disruptive analytics to their investors, helping them make informed investment decisions and provides a concise view of the market. Other Trading Central additions include TC Crowd Insight, TC Economic Insight and TC Newsletters Newsbrief.

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Trading Central is a collection of programs that offer actionable investment support with 24-hour multi-asset coverage, technical and fundamental analysis, and back-tested trading strategies. Built-in directly in your IFS Client Portal.

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To access Pro Trader Tools, all you have to do is ensure your trading account is funded with a minimum of $1000 and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Then your suite of Pro Trader Tools will appear in your IFS Client Portal.

TC Market Buzz

Read Less, Know More

TC Market Buzz solves the "infobesity" problem: too much in the news and social media and not enough time to digest it all. Buzz helps you easily spot which stocks and topics are "buzzing", and delivers a smarter news experience so you can "read less, know more".


It's easy for your investors to keep an eye on their portfolio or instruments of interest with unlimited watchlists

Actionable event detection

Buzz detects over 300 types of news events such as earnings, dividends, new product releases and price movement.

Buzz Meter & Split

Enable customers to explore how much "buzz" an instrument is attracting and how this is split across social and news spheres.

Most Discussed Topics

Enable customers to follow the discussion easily with a ranking of the top discussion topics for every financial instrument.

Web Authority

Make sorting for credible and substantial sources a breeze with Buzz's web authority indicator.

Concise view of the market

Did you know that everyday, there is 2,273 years worth of reading added to the internet? Buzz summarizes all the info so your investors can act accordingly.

TC Crowd Insight

A unique look into how the crowd feels about an instrument

For decades, investors have analyzed price performance, economic indicators and company fundamentals in search of good portfolio returns, but one element of their research has always been missing... How do people actually feel about an instrument? It's proprietary natural language processing scans thousands of web-harvested, credible news, blogs and social media sources every day to determine how the general public feels about a particular topic. This provides a refreshing, new perspective for investors evaluating trade opportunities.

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Technical & Newsbrief Newsletters

The content you will love, Send directly to your inbox

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The investment insight you need, right in your inbox.

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Trading Central’s various newsletters allow you to stay updated on market movements by offering unbiased trading ideas, in-context education, and investment validation.


Read on to discover the investment basics and key market movement you'll want to know!

Analyst Views

Plan your trades with key levels

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Analyst Views is the world’s only financial market research solution combining the invaluable experience of senior analysts with automated algorithms.

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Their patented pattern recognition is constantly monitoring the market with global 24/7coverage on over 8,000 financial instruments and providing updated analyses whenever new price levels are met.

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With clear trend lines, unparalleled coverage and updated analyses published throughout the trading day, Analyst Views is a powerful tool for finding new trade ideas and timing your entry/exit points.

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Economic Calendar

Empower investors to monitor, anticipate & act
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bar charts

With real-time, actionable macro-economic data, the Economic Calendar enables you to easily monitor, anticipate and act on potentially market-moving events.

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Filter the economic events of 38 different countries by country or expected significance, track each event in real-time, or take a peek at how the event played out across the past 5 years on the price chart!

Alpha Generation MT4/MT5 Plugins

Plug & Play MT4/5 indicators to back confident decisions

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TC Alpha Generation supports investor decision-making by offering three innovative indicators that represent market psychology and assist with identifying new trade opportunities and potential entry/exit points.

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These indicators are superimposed within the MetaTrader MT4/MT5 charts.

mt4 plugin from trading central

Web TV

Trade ideas in context, Fueling modern, Engaging experiences
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With WebTV, trade ideas are about so much more than just about the numbers! TC reporters combine their actionable trade ideas with popular industry news to put everything in context and keep investors engaged in what’s happening in the markets.

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The bespoke WebTV provides the opportunity to tailor the script content to include the assets and topics that matter to investors.

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