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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

IFS Markets is a forex trading firm dealing in OTC (over the counter) forex contracts. We also provide CFD’s contract for difference on other global markets such as indices and commodities.
Funds are held in a segregated Trust account with National Australia Bank.
We handle all Client Money we receive in accordance with and subject to the T&Cs and applicable laws. Please refer to our PDS for more detailed information
We have a variety of methods on how you can deposit funds. All are processed through our client portal.
Methods Include:
  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • China Union Pay
  • Poli
  • Fasapay
  • Alipay
  • DragonPay
Please login to your client portal area and follow the instructions for withdrawal. IFS usually processes withdrawals within 24 hours, however in some circumstances like during public holidays, this may take longer.
On the MT4 Platform it is every day at 00:00 which is 5pm New York time.
Clients can request up to 500:1 on forex markets and this can be managed in the client portal. Please note that leverage rates can vary depending on the markets you are trading.
To view all markets, right click on the market watch window and then select “Show all”
Between Wednesday and Thursday you are charged triple the amount as it needs to account for the settlement of trades through the weekend. This is because swaps are not charged during this time as the market is closed.
Monday Market Open = 00:02 MT4 Server Time
Friday Market Close = 23:55 MT4 Server Time
*Every day from 23:59 - 00:02 - The Market will be closed for trading - Non-executable prices will still be streamed through the platform at this time.
The difference between the BID and the ASK price in the platform under the market quotes section. The ASK refers to a buy order and the Bid price refers to a sell order. The smaller the spread the less you as an investor are paying which is why we continue to offer low spreads across our account types.
IFS Markets offers micro lots which is 1000 units of the base currency. The minimum lot size in the platform is displayed as 0.01
IFS Markets on the standard account derives revenue from the small difference between the bid and the ask. On the Pro account the charge is a flat commission plus smaller spread than the standard.
Clients can place trades via the MT4 software terminal. Clients can download this for free and trade directly from the terminal.
Please navigate towards the history tab in MT4. Then right click the history shown and choose the period you need. By right clicking again, you can also choose to save the report to your hard-drive.
There are no monthly minimums to trade. You can trade as much or as little as you like.
No. IFS Markets doesn’t feel the need to charge our clients account keeping fees.
Our servers are located in the US. We have New York, London and Hong Kong data centres.
Please follow the link Open a Live Account.
You may need to provide a range of identification documents (IDs). The documents required will depend on whether you open the account in your name, under your company name or under the name of your trust.
Please note that accounts opened under company/trust names still need to provide the same documentation as an individual as well as the additional documentation.
You can upload your IDs via the Client Portal or by emailing our team at [email protected].
  • May require A current copy of a primary photo ID (passport or driver's license) for each applicant OR a current copy of other primary ID (such as a Birth Certificate or Citizenship Certificate)
  • AND a recent (within the last 3 months) utility bill (phone, gas, electricity or rates) or bank or building society statement displaying residential address (not PO Box)
  • If partnership, then supply either partnership agreement or extract of minutes of partnership meeting.
Same documents as for an Individual plus all information below:
  • Full name and residential address of each director and company secretary
  • Directors signing the application form must provide the same documents as individual applications above
  • Full name and residential address of any individual who owns more than 25% of the issued capital of the Company
  • Copy of the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation
If public company:
Same documents as for an Individual plus all information below:
  • Name of listed company and relevant market/exchange if majority-owned subsidiary of a listed company
  • Licensing details (if licensed)
  • Name of relevant market/exchange (if listed)
  • Copy of the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation.
Same documents as for an Individual plus all information below:
  • Copy of the Trust Deed
  • Trustee(s) who are individuals must provide the same documents as individual applications (above)
  • Trustee(s) which are companies must provide the additional information as company applications (above).
Please follow the link Product Schedule.
How long has IFS been in business? IFS has been growing its operations since 2008.
The smallest price change that a given exchange rate can make (the last decimal point).
The swap is the currencies interest rates differential that traders pay or earn on any trades carried out on a day-to-day basis.
Yes, no latency arbitrage strategies.
Yes, you are able to trade Gold & Silver.
5 digit.
Market execution.
Yes, MetaTrader 4 allows you to use automated trading strategies called expert advisors (EA) to perform prompt technical analysis of price data and manage trading activities based on current market conditions.
If you are using an EA and do not have a Virtual Private Server (VPS) subscription, your EAs will stop running when you are logged out of Meta Trader.
Because EAs are created by separate and independent third parties, IFS Markets is not responsible for their completeness, reliability or accuracy. Clients use EAs at their own risk.
If you have questions on how an EA works, you will need to contact the EA provider.
Yes as long as the OSX version is lower than Catalina 10.15, as well as iOS, Android and PC.
Our MT4 Demo Accounts give you full access to the IFS Markets MT4 platform with no time restrictions, provided you login once every 30 days. Demo Accounts left unused for over 30 days are automatically deleted by the system.
The most common reason for that message is that you have sent too many signals simultaneously. Perhaps, two or more EAs are trying to open, close or modify their orders at the same time.
How to solve:
  1. Usually, closing and reopening your Client Terminal will solve the problem.
  2. If you can code, go to, where you can find functions to add to your code to avoid this happening in the future.
  3. If you cannot code, using only one EA per account is the best way to avoid this error. If you wish to run more than one EA, make sure they do not trade too often. If you run two scalping EAs at the same time, it will be hard to avoid the error.
When you use IFS Markets MetaTrader 4, your orders will be filled at the first available market price. Sometimes, this may be worse or better than the price you requested. This is called slippage.
Slippage is possible on all orders during the first hour after the end of the day, news announcements and at times of extreme market volatility.
If an extreme world event happens over the weekend, there may be a significant difference in the price of a market when it closed on Friday and when it will open on Sunday. This is called gapping and it means that there are no tradable prices between the closing price on Friday and the opening price on Sunday.
All orders which are triggered by the jump in price will be filled at the opening rate which IFS is quoting on the Sunday open.
You can use trailing stop orders to help protect profits without limiting any potential gains on your open positions. When you enter a trailing stop on an open position, you select a specified number of pips or points (10 points = 1 pip) between the stop and the current price. MetaTrader 4 will then place the trailing stop in two parts
i) The market must first move in your favour by the number of points that you set and then it will place a stop loss order.
ii) That stop loss order will then automatically update as long as the market moves your way so that it 'trails' the current price by the number of points you set.
When the market moves against your position after the trailing stop loss has been set, the stop loss remains set at the last trailing price that it reached when the market was moving in your favour. You can confirm this price by looking at the S/L column within the Trade tab or the Open and Pending Orders window. Remember, trailing stops are still subject to slippage.
Modern technologies allow us not only to trade in financial markets using personal computers but also to fully automate a trading system. Using a computer program you can relieve yourself from the routine of analysing financial markets and performing trades.Our MT4 Client Terminal has all the functions that allow you to develop, test and use your trading system. The development environment named MQL4 is integrated into the terminal. MQL4 consists of MetaEditor, Strategy Tester and Compiler. Using these tools you can develop: Expert Advisors - programs that allow you to fully automate both analysing and trading processes Custom Indicators - applications similar to the embedded technical indicators that help you to analyse markets Scripts - programs that automate single frequently repeated operations. For example, using a script you can close all positions with a single keystroke. It is rather easy to develop trading systems using the development environment of MQL4. In MetaEditor, you will find detailed help topics and assistance with the programming language. Having developed your own trading system, you will be able to test it on historical data in the Strategy Tester. This will allow you to evaluate your trading system's profitability, risk factor and stability in a quick and easy way.

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Before you decide whether or not to invest any products referred to on this website, being over the counter (OTC) derivatives, it is important for you to read and consider our Financial Services Guide (FSG), Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), and Terms and Conditions (T&C), and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Fees, charges and commissions apply. OTC derivatives, including margin foreign exchange contracts and contract for differences are leveraged products that carry a high level of risk to your capital. Trading is not suitable to everyone. You may incur losses that are substantially greater than your initial investment. You do not own, or have any rights to, the underlying assets which the OTC derivative is referable to. You should only trade with money you can afford to lose. There are also risks associated with online trading including, but not limited to, hardware and/or software failures, and disruptions to communication systems and internet connectivity.

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